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Re: Large Family Daily Meal Planning

I don't have 6 six kids, but because of our budget I am extremely into eating and living frugal. Meal planning will help because you will be able to plan using similar ingredients throughout the week and continue to buy in bulk. Really watch sales and always use coupons combined with a sale if you can (esp. double coupons) Also, I suggest "google"ing things like:
frugal living
low-cost meals
cheap meal planning
frugal cleaning

You can find lots of great tips.
Use a lot of things that are very cheap to buy in bulk (non-processed) like
long grain rice, dry beans, pasta, etc. With a little practice making homemade bread can save you a lot also. You can make several batches in one day doing all but the baking step and freeze the dough so the next time you need a loaf you just pull it out, thaw and bake. Also focus more on fruits and veggies than on the meat because it's so expensive. Figure out the cheapest price you can buy meat for and refuse to buy it for anything more. Buy it in bulk and the sale will come around again in a few weeks.

Hope some of these tips help!
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