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Re: "My kids bore me to death..."

I too thought I was going to agree with the article, but she is too extreme!

I will admit that I dreaded being home with my daughter this summer at the close of the school year. I am not SAHM material, but I have never once though that it was menial or boring. Now that it is almost time for me to return to work, I almost wish I could do both. There are parts that I really enjoyed, and then of course there were parts that I didn't. But in no way was it boring, tiring some days, yes, but definitely not boring. This kid is too funny! I can just sit and watch her play by herself or *read* a book and it puts the biggest smile on my face.

While all my girlfriends were dropping important careers and occupying their afternoons with cake baking, I was begging the nanny to stay on, at least until she had read my two a bedtime story. What kind of mother hates reading bedtime stories? A bad mother, that's who, and a mother who is bored rigid by her children.

This is one of my favorite things! Just watching the wonder on her face or the excitment when she finally understands a word and picture that go together. This woman is just not at all in touch with her kids.

It's okay to admit that you don't enjoy certain activities or can't be at every single activity that they are involved in, but not going to any of their sports matches??? That's just selfish.
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