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Re: C-section~keloid scars!!!! poor thing I'm not laughing at you, just thinking of my sister gets very bad keloids..she's had some issues with pre-cancerous moles that have had to be removed, and the keloids are worse than the moles were. SHe is just one of those people who gets them

She actually did a bunch of reserach on it and the first removal, and keloids cannot be "got" by anything..aome poeple get them some don't. It tends to be geneteic, but it also has a lot to do with your particular skin integrity, and you CAN improve the chance that they will not be so bad looking, but they don't go away. As for other c/s's..they will simply cut out the ""bumpy" most cases they remove the entire old extrior scar anyway, as scar tissue doesn't suture as nicely as "normal" skin.

For your numbness..yes, that is normal. When they open you up, they cut through everything there, including nerves. ALOT of your "stuff" is pulled right outside your body no to be in theway, and they aren't always exact when they put stuff back in. It can take quite a while before things heal up and everything gets back in place. The numbness or tingly feeling is usually from frayed nerves, and may or may fix itself. Most tims it does, though...but can take a couple years. My last c/s was almost 4 years ago, and i still have numbness in the 1 inch area above my insicion line.....that will probably never get feeling again. ALOT of that depends on how good your surgeon was at putting eveyrhting back where it belongs, and also how happy your body is to try to mak eveyrthing as it was. Seems like some bodies just dont' care..even though the people living inside them do
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