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Re: C-section~keloid scars!!!!

It is funny because my doctor is not exactly the most gentle person in the world. Matter of fact, when I was pregnant I kept having these aweful pains (worse than labor) in my upper stomach going all the way around to my back. The doc kept telling me it was gas. I was thinking that there was no way in heck it was just gas. Two weeks after I had my daughter via c-section I went to the hospital and had to have my gallbladder removed! The same thing happened to my mom after she had my youngest sister. The doctor was soooo wrong. I wouldn't have had surgery when I was pregnant but at least I would have had support. I had attacks at least once a day in my last trimester It was crazy!
My that the doctor who took out my gallbladder said my scars would!
They are so yucky! They look like huge moles.
I hate to complain because there are so many worse things...!!!
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