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Re: OMG! I found it! The thing I hate most about being a parent!

but the kicker is if my son is "helping"..he will pick it up and....EAT IT AGAIN!!

this had me laughing so hard i cried! but sooo gross! i could just imagine mine doing that.

so i gathere its normal to see whole food in diapers? i have been wondering, i gave my guys green beans the other day, and wouldn't you know it, i saw them again? i almost freaked out, but got that under control, until i tried to dump it into the toilet. it was all i could do not to . ugh. so glad to know im not the only one. aand as for peeling grapes, i don't find it that difficult, i jsut quarter them and use the knife top grab the skin at the point and pull it down and off. having said that, i have only done it for 2 measly grapes!!
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