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Re: Biting and scratching toddler again!!

I just wanted to tell you that you are blessed to have supportive friends at church!! My son is also an active child who has been known to push & even sit on kids that are smaller then him... My supportive friends have also told me that it is a stage... has to do with children not understanding compasion until they are older, sometimes not until even 5 or 6, I've heard...

Anyways, I also have to watch my 23 mos old ds very closely & sometimes if I am having a lazy day or a long week, we just stay home & play outside... I do feel it is still important for my ds to be around other children & learn to play "gently"... but let's face it, we are all only human & sometimes need a break from watching like a hawk...

I think it's also a great break to have a mom's night out so you can really visit, since "we moms of very busy toddlers" can't visit as well while "watching" our kiddos!!

And remember, "this too will pass!!"
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