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DELETE! Null and void now!

ugh this is soo confusing!!! If you dont mind reading a novel I will give you a brief background of me...

With my exdh I got prego everytime lol. I was 17 when I got prego with ds 1... once I got the go ahead I got prego with ds 2 (I was 18) then I went on the mini pill... ds 2 died so I threw them away... took me over a year to get prego with dd (I had her on my 21st bday) Soooo once I left my ex dh (he was abusive to me and my ds 1 plus he confessed to me a bit over a year later he was the one who took ds 2's life... no he isnt in jail but that is another post.) I got on depo. (I was 22 at the time) I was on depo for 3 doses... (so 9 months) met dh and we decided to get off the depo (because it took me a year with dd) and ttc. Well 3 years and 1 mc later ds 3 came along... (I had him when I was 27... ) Okay so now we want to try for dd 2... (to make it even then we are done lol. Unless god convinces my dh otherwise lol) Well My ds 3 was born 9-15-05.... I am bfing but never ebf. He still bfs about 2 times a day. Sometimes more sometimes less... af came back in April... (Oh and a side note. Dh took a home test to see if he is fertile. It came back low... we tested him twice and both times it was low/negative... but we cant afford another test to find out how he is now....)

So here is the confusing part... I dont chart. Dont know how... I do have a bbt but I never "got" the point and all of the charting lol. I tried it when I was ttc ds 3...

Okay so here are my dates of af and how long it took her to reshow....

4/4 - 4/9
42 days
5/21 - 5/26
36 days
7/1 - 7/6

And of course she hasnt shown up yet... Before ds 1 I was able to tell you the exact day I would start, how long it would last and when it would quit lol. Now I have no clue...

One other thing. My dd... I was 4 months prego with her before I got a bfp. They did urine, blood and an ultrasound and couldnt tell I was prego!! I failed them all!! Well with the u/s they told me they saw a "blob" but didnt think it was a baby.... the very next week I passed a hpt. lol. I measured at 4 months when I got to see the ob lol.

Christian (ds 3) was born on Sept 15... he was due Oct 17/8 and I TOLD them I was farther along but they didnt believe me... he was born at 5 lbs 13 oz and perfectly healthy!

Soo anyways. I take a hpt every week (until af shows) and so far they have all been negative (obviously lol)

SO my question is this.... when do you guys think I am actually "late" and when should I test??

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