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Anyone else have stink issues w/synthetics only?

I'm still struggling since our switch to a front loader. I **thought** I finally figured it out, but after just a few washes, we have stink again : (

It's only on my synthetic diaps & wipes - fuzzi bunz, micro inserts & kl wipes that have a little poly in them. Hemp fleece, hemp jersey, cotton prefolds, velour & flannel all smell fresh & clean.

Any ideas what to do? I just ordered allen's naturally as a final step (since the sensi clean is not working either). I just stripped them a week ago & had to do it again today! Stripping once a week is not going to work for me long term.

I'm really upset at the thought of selling my beloved fuzzi bunz!!

I have a ton of stuff I bought ahead in size large & for a new baby (currently ttc) almost all brand new except what we're using at the moment - so it's a major loss if I can't work this out: 6 small fbs, 12 medium fbs, 4 medium swaddlebees, 18 large fbs, 24 kl 0s & 24 kl doublers
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I've been BOO'd!!!

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