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Re: Nervous about pumping and daycare :(

OK the three hour days I don't think will be that bad. Just take one bottle with you to daycare. (Just in case.) On the 5 hour days, she will probably eat what like once? Just take a bottle there. If she is over 6 months, you might think about a sippy cup, if you are not there she will probably take a bottle and if not, 5 hours is not a long time to not nurse and she will make it up later in the day.

I will also give you some advice... PUMP NOW DON'T WAIT! I didn't listen and I was always playing catchup. Stock pile your milk in the freezer. Um... I second the pumping in the car. I say the front seat is fine though. Noone will care... Just cover up and that should do.

I did 10 hour work days with 1 hour to work and 1 hour home so 12 hours without my son and he wasn't on solids yet.

Just a word of warning. If you don't want her to have formula or solids, tell the day care. Somtimes they will do you a favor and feed them that because it couldn't hurt... Not a favor to me but just tell them so.
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