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Re: Nervous about pumping and daycare :(

I did this w/ my first DD. I was able to find a bathroom w/ a lounge to pump in. It was nice because it happen to be in an area where few people went, and even when someone came in it was a womens restroom so no one seemed to mind. For me the lounge was on the other side of the bathroom from the door so I sat facing away from bathroom stalls.

I would almost bet you can find a place to pump, but the car idea is good, then you won't have to carry all the stuff with you. It was easier for me to pump in the lounge because I had to park far away. I only had a Avent manual pump and it worked great, but an electric pump will have more to deal with. Another place you might check is in the music dept, often they have private rooms for practicing, I am sure you could find one empty to use for a few minutes.

I would definately plan 1 bottle for the 3 hr days and 2 bottles for 5 hr days. Seemed like my babysitters always said it wasn't enough milk and wanted to give DD formula, so better having extra than not enough. Start pumping now and have at least enough for the first couple of days, then you can pump the day before for the next day. Pump after each session to get the leftovers and pump once before you go to bed to get your supply ready.

Good luck mamma, you will do fine!!!
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