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Re: Aunt says feed him "real food" now????

i posted about this just the other day! i EBF my son, who is almost six months old. my parents and in-laws, (specifically the women in the family) told me i was being cruel to him by denying him solids so far. because they were feeding solids by now, i think it makes them insecure about their own decisions on how they fed their own children.

i think it's one of those, "well i did ______ with my children and they're just FINE!" i don't want fine for my child, i want the best. you are making the BEST decision you can for your babies, good for you. and wow, do i admire a woman who has been lactating for 17 years, that's a huge accomplishment!

(and as far as practical advice, the things i have said during these moments are, "the recommendation is to wait at least six months before introducing anything other than breastmilk" "my husband has a history of food allergies so the longer we wait for jack the safer it is for him" or "when he's hungry, breastmilk fills his tummy perfectly!")
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