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Re: New Look For DS - Announcement Discussion

Originally Posted by johnson_mommy View Post
Thanks for all the work! Just one request though - can we have the visible feedback back please? It is a big part of our FSOT community!
Originally Posted by CrunchyMama0607 View Post
I agree~I miss the fb Maybe I'm blind but I don't see anything diff I do see the new ads though~thanks a bunch!!
Originally Posted by Manna00 View Post
I third wanting to see feedback. Thanks.
Originally Posted by baby1577 View Post
Same here. The only thing I noticed being different was the feedback ratings missing.

ETA: I agree that the feedback showing was a nice feature.
Originally Posted by Maddie'sMom View Post
put the feedback back.

Its too important of a feature for the amount of buying and selling that goes on in this community to NOT be able to see it.
He already said it was temporary

Not being snarky, also you can see it, it just takes a few clicks to do so.

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