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Re: Anyone else have stink issues w/synthetics only?

Oh no! You too??!! We need a support group for front loader users

If you can't figure it out from the manual, call the manufacturer to find out which cycle has the highest water level (mine didn't say, but the quick start guide mentioned it), that helped me a little bit.

I did a load last night w/out the wetbag included & it is better, but pockets still were not "fresh". I think with the pul the water gets trapped & doesn't flow thru like it does on the fitteds & prefolds so the fleece doesn't get cleaned cause the water isn't flowing thru it. Micro, I remember when I first started, seems to get buildup really easily. Pockets are just a double whammy w/a front loader. Maybe I will put away the micro for a while & try it w/hemp & prefolds as inserts to see if that helps too.

The soap nuts do sound interesting! I'll add them to the list of things to try.

Thanks Kathy & everyone for your suggestions, I have a few more things to try before giving up!!! I really needed some fresh encouragement cause I am so fed up with washing diapers all day long without the "fresh fluffy" smell at the end as payoff!!
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