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I actually love the new layout. I like that you can see if someone is online by looking at their avitar too.

Personally, I like the pink/purple. I think it's pretty. However, I think it would be a bit less "harsh" if it was against a different background color than the bright white. I think it's the white that it making my eyes hurt more than anything. Maybe a creamy color instead?

I am a computer idiot but I can only imagine how much work went into changing the site. Thanks so much for all the work you are doing to make DS an even better place to visit!

The only thing that I find a little annoying is that it's a bit wide. I have to scroll sideways to read the entire screen. Is there something I need to change on my end to fix that? If so, how do I do that? Like I said, I'm a computer idiot.

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