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Need Nighttime diaper recs...

We CD during the day ft, but had to resort to sposies at night because what we had wasn't really working for us. DS (18 mos) is sensitive to poly so the stay-dry liners we had are out. He doesn't necessarily mind feeling wet during the day (although I try to promptly change him so he doesn't get used to the feeling), but absolutely hates it at night. I guess I don't really blame him - he tends to wet quite a bit some nights and I'm not entirely certain I'd like it were the roles reversed.

We use MEOS during the day w/the snap-in liner. The polyblend in those doesn't seem to bother him - I think that's because that's not what's directly against his skin (although I prefer the few organic cotton snap-in liners that I have). I have a couple of cpf premium size along with a snappi, but that didn't really seem to help.

I'm thinking my issue is absorbancy. I know fleece is supposed to wick away moisture - is there a non-synthetic fiber fleece available? I think the other key will be using something that keeps ds feeling "dry".

Any thoughts on a good nighttime dipe for us? Cost is unfortunately an issue so I'd like to do so as inexpensively as possible.

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