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How many prefolds?

OK, I know it's been asked before, LOL. But let's see what ya'll think about this. How many prefolds would I need for TWO babies in order to wash every second or third day? I have a whole bunch of preemie prefolds in a basket that I haven't counted - I will in a few minutes so I know how many I have. I'm thinking I'll need to order another dozen at least. We do have at least 20 fitteds sitting in a drawer for them also, so we are using something other than prefolds. We also have 4 AIOs and a couple pockets.
My next question is: should I still get more preemies? We're guessing they'll both be close to 7 lbs if they're born soon, bigger if it'll be awhile. I do figure they'll lose weight in the beginning with bfing, but should I just skip buying more preemies and go straight to infant to save myself the money in the long run? I do have about 5-10 infant ones in the closet as well.
OK, thanks for reading all that, LOL - and any input.
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