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Re: Is she trying to potty train?

Yes it sounds like she is!

My DD is almost 2 and she is potty trained.

20months is also a perfect age to potty train. If you wait until they are 2 they are in that stage where they want to do what THEY want to do. They have realized that they CAN tell you NO.

I can tell you that its EASIER to potty train a little one under 2 because they are more accepting...but its harder because they are smaller....My DS potty trained at 3 and he was big enough to get on and off the potty by himself and he could use the regular potty. DD is tiny so she either needs to use a potty chair (which no help is needed getting on and off, but it has to be emptied) or she needs to use a little insert for the big potty (and have help)

I am in heaven though...I will only have ONE in diapers when this baby is born
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