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Re: Aunt says feed him "real food" now????

Although I wouldn't do this to someone I love (like a relative), I have a whole repertoire of sweet, smart-aleck comments to give the total strangers who approach me in the grocery store with unsolicited advice.

One time someone gave me the line, "Oh, we fed OUR babies cow's milk and real food at 3 months and THEY were fine!" and I just gasped and said, "Oh, your poor babies! Aren't you so glad that with the newer technology and more understanding about babies these days we can do so much better?"

He,he. [I always say things like that sweetly, so it usually takes people a minute or two to realize I'm being rude.]

One thing I have actually taken quite a bit of flack for has been . . . car seats! As in, buckling them EVERY TIME, even for a 1/2 mile drive down the street. Had to tell my (normally WONDERFUL) MIL that if she didn't have time to buckle them, then they didn't have time to visit.
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