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Re: Aunt says feed him "real food" now????

I usually just say things like, "You did what worked for you, we do what works for us." Sometimes I even try to smile while I am saying it, sometimes I'm just too irritated. You are probably right though, the questions were probably prompted by her being uncomfortable.

The carseat thing is crazy. You usually don't get much argument about those; but my mom did ask the other day if ds could ride with just a seatbelt yet, I just replied, "no, not until he's 80 pounds". I couldn't remember what the law says, but she got the point that there was no wiggle room on that issue with me.

Oh, and my mom did try to give my dd sweet tea when she was 7 months old. I promptly removed her from her arms and didn't let her hold her for the rest of the day. She said, "Well she wanted a drink." And my dd is allergic to dairy and soy and probably a whole host of other things. I think they just don't think sometimes.
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