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Re: Nervous about pumping and daycare :(

You also may want to call the campus and ask is there is a nice, clean place for you to pump. They may allow you to use a faculty bathroom or something that might have more privacy, or a spare office. I second the idea about keeping extras on hand. My daycare almost always told me that I didn't send enough even though I pumped twice in an 8 hour day and fed right before we left in the am and right after we picked up. I tried to explain this to the sweet ladies, but they insisted that he needed more (even though he wasn't fussy). I guessed that they wanted him to have the practice time like the other kids, so I sent a sippy around 7 months and told them he could have water just to practice. That seemed to pacify them, and didn't hurt my son at all, so it worked for us.

I just wanted to add that you will want an electric pump if at all possible. Those are just more reliable imo. I know some women do well with the hand pump, but if you are going to pump long term, I just think electric is a better choice. Just my two cents. I rented the medela lactina and I felt like it worked great. I just nursed like crazy on the weekends and I pumped for 9 months while I worked.
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