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Re: Aunt says feed him "real food" now????

I've stopped with the "Dr says..." line and I don't say how long I'll EBF or when I'll add cereal or whatever. They offer advice and question because they care and because they are trying to make conversation with you about parenting since they know thats what your life IS right now. They ruffle our feathers, bit not intentionally. Most good moms, from every generation, know this: babies do things when they are ready and babies will tell you what they need. So I say "really? its amazing how different babies can be isn't it? Each of my kids has done things in their own way in their own time, did you notice that with your kids?" and then they will tell you about Tommy who walked at 9 months and never crawled, and Sally who wouldn't take a step before 15 months, remember little Angie? she toilet trained herself at a year! But Robby wet the bed until he was 9... Mostly they just want to chat baby talk. If it comes back to food I'll say "my mother fed us cereal in our bottles the day we came home from the hospital and we drank it right up" (this is true and while I don't con done it it makes the other person feel better and takes away their defensiveness) then I'll say "but little Joe just isn't ready for that, I'll respect his time tables and feed him as soon as he is ready" it says, in effect, "I know you did your best and no one was harmed. I do care about my child and am respecting his growth" and thats usually all they need to hear. She's old enough that she's not likely to be parenting a baby soon, therefore there's really no need to "educate" her IMO.
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