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Re: I need an all body diaper! ;-)

i wasn't saying she's not allergic to the foods...if the test says she is, then im sure she is...what i was suggesting is that she is also allergic to something ELSE...something that the rest of her body somehow comes into contact with, but not her bum, which, as you said, is always covered with a dipey......

Is she usually nakey except for her dipey? or clothed? what is touching her non-bum skin that doesn't touch her bum? Her clothes? her blankets, bedding? YOUR clothes, your skin...when you hold her..are you washing EVERYTHING in the house in the special detergent, or just HER clothes and dipeys.......(note: for my dd, it took us a while to realize that her sheets and OUR clothes were giving her the rashes...when we held her or she laid down to sleep, she was touching clothes and sheets that had not been washed in her special detergent.DUH, I'm a dolt!!lol!)...maybe the fabric her sling is made out of.....her stroller, swing, OR WHAYEER YOU UISE TO CLEAN THOSE ITEMS........anything she touches?....

im just trying to brainstorm here.......what things (cloth, soap, air allergens, plastics, etc) does the rest of her body touch that her dipey area is protected from??

just some thoughts. we about went crazy trying to figure out what was causing dd's skin issues as a baby......
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