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Re: breastmilk question

Here's an article that discusses changes in BM composition as a result of weaning and pregnancy.

I would assume that at the time of the adoption, you would be in the weaning stages with your DS 2. However, since it's based on nursing frequency, I would think that your milk would be fine for a younger infant nursing more frequently. I'm pretty certain you would not produce colostrum, but this is produced for such a short time at the very beginning of a baby's life I wouldn't fret over it. Depending on how young you are able to adopt, the adoptee may already be past this stage.
A couple of other things you may or may not of thought of:
Your let down reflex will not be as easy-strong for your adoptive babe like it would be for a newborn. This just means the new babe would have to work a little longer and harder to get things going.
If your adopted baby was given formula from a bottle, he/she may have difficulties accepting the breast after being "bottle trained." There's the SNS and other helpful devices out there to help with the transition.

Kudos to you for thinking this far ahead and being ready to nurse an adoptee! I hope that you don't think of my post as being discouraging. I have considered this myself and thinking of all the little bumps along the road that may come up empowers me to be ready to have a solution to handle it. (Wow! Look at all my prepositional phrases!)
I would definitely start pumping more frequently once you know adoption is close at hand to get a head start!!!
Oh, and taking supplements like fenugreek (not while pg though) and eating oatmeal is said to help with milk production.
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