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Re: How did your parents tell you about sex?

I voted never had a situation was pretty close to your friends mommyx3

I learned everything from my friends and one of my friends' dad had a sex book and we looked at it once (out of curiousity, not for sexual purposes!)...and I figured out a lot then And I was so embarassed that everyone knew so much more than me...I never asked straight out what anything was or what anything meant...I just listened to conversations and figured things out best I could. At one point in high school, my mom said she wanted to talk to me...and I figured that it was regarding my parents' divorce. So we were sitting there at Pizza Hut eating..full restaurant...and she says, "I wanted to talk to you about sex" I was SOOOOO embarassed, truth or not I said, "I already know everything, don't worry about it" She wanted to know how I knew, and I just told her from health classes in school.

I wish my parents would've raised me to be more comfortable talking about that stuff....I was so embarassed by the topic that I never even wanted a boyfriend until I got out of high school and was practically on my own. I *did* have a boyfriend before then...but was so embarassed by the whole situation.
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