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Re: Biting and scratching toddler again!!

when working at a daycare center when i was younger, we had to keep the biters and hurting children in a pack in play right next to where we were playing, they could play next to us but not with us, it took care of the problem fairly quickly, sometimes when they were closer to 2 we would have the playpen ready, but give them a chance to play nicely with their friends, with all our attention focused on stopping them as soon as they had their mouth by the other childs arm etc. Also what i do with my own kids, hold him in your lap with your feet over his, so that he is stuck, he will get upset, but you can just calmly talk about how much so and so is hurt, and it gives them owies, and you are going to have to hold them if they can't play nicely. that works faster than other less intensive ways.
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