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Did your mom breastfeed?

I saw a mama on another thread mention that she breastfed although she had never been exposed to it growing up. I was just wondering how others here were influenced by their exposure to or lack of exposure to BF'ing.

My mom breastfed me and my brother, me for 9 months and him for 6 or 7. Not for an extended period of time, but longer than most at that time. She was young (19 with me, 21 with him) and didn't grow up seeing others breastfeed. She says that although she knew BF'ing was a good thing to do, it was really the rebellious teen in her that led to her BF'ing in the first place since it wasn't really "the thing to do" back in the 80's. Now that there is more information available on BF'ing and why it is best for baby, she is very pro-BF'ing and I think she would've been disappointed had I chosen not to BF. Although she says that she doesn't think she would've had the determination to stick it out like I did. (DD and I both had a lot of trouble in the beginning.)

Knowing that my mom BF'ed definitely planted that seed in my brain, and I'm sure I would've at least BF'ed DD for a few months on that information alone. But what I have learned from others in online communities and from reading up on BF'ing is what really made me push through all the difficulties we had in the beginning. I also don't think I would still be BF'ing at 13 months if not for the women I've "met" over the past few years who practice extended BF'ing/CLW.
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