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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: I need an all body diaper! ;-)

allergies can definately be most trickey. for the longest time we couldn't figure out what was causing bloody blisters on my poor ds#1's bum. we knew he was allergic to milk and soy and we just couldn't figure it out, turned out it was pears of all things!!! as for the skin, it could also be whatever wash and lotion you are using on yourself. i was having really bad problems with eczema myself for the longest time and then i discovered arbonne and it took care of it in 1 day (also got rid of a nasty dipe rash on my ds in 2 hours and they normally took 1 week, amazing!). arbonne has adult and baby care so it could be something you can grab some samples of and try out on everyone in the fam and see if SHE clears up! i also agree with the clothing thing, and if it's not her clothing it could be yours or anyone else's.
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