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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom nursed all 4 of us but I was the longest. Eldest sis-4 mo, other sis-5 mo, bro 3mo, me 13mo. My older siblings were all on cow's based formula while I was on soy formula. We all had to be supplimented because my mom's milk dried up. I think she has PCOS. I was 75/25 with BF/FF and then when I was weaned (milk dried up due to dad leaving mom) I was put on soy formula instead of milk (SEVERELY lactose intolerant). That was my "milk" until I was 3 because they didn't have lactose free milk back then.

The down side? My 3 older siblings have SEVERE asthma. They are on 3-6 types of asthma meds. But me? very very very mild asthma (need inhaler only when have lung infection) BUT I have HORRIFIC allergies. Mine are so bad that I have to carry an epi-pen around with me in case I ingest almonds or apples or if I come into contact with an apple.

I honestly think formula had some shaping of these problems.

That being said, my mom was VERY supportive of BFing. Though she keeps saying DD is going to wean any second (for the past 18 months and she is 25 months).

Also we were cloth diapered because of breaking out in hives with diapers. When we were in daycare (bro and I), it was still ok to use cloth diapers. They don't tend to allow them anymore. I do it because of allergies for DS and DD to diapers. DS & DD couldn't use Pampers. But DD can use the "White Cloud" brand (stomuch bugs and traveling).
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