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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom bf both my brother and I. I was bf for 18 months then given a bottle at that time because she had to start taking medicine that the Dr. said wasn't safe for me. I had a bottle for 4 months and santa took them and brought me cups because i was a big girl. My brother was bf for 26 months, i remember her nursing him and i vividly remember her trying to wean him for months. I also remember walking through the grocery store and he would pull on her shirt and say "mama titty" because my grandpa taught him that!

I always new i would bf because thats what i was exposed to. I did however think that i would only do it a few months because of my fears of having my shirt tugged and being asked for a "titty" in public. Once i started bf'ing i planned on self weaning but due to pregnacy complications i weaned my son at 13 months. My next i plan to let self wean...

MIL nurse both of her boys for 7 months and then gave them cows milk so she wasn't too big on the idea of me nursing so long.

My mom and MIL both also CD'ed and are amazed at how far cloth has came. Mom used flats and vinyl, MIL used pf's and vinyl.
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