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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

my mom did not breastfeed. She said it was because she has inverted nipples, but my grandma said her dr told her she could BF if she wanted to. My mom basically was not ready to be a parent, ever.

My grandma did breastfeed all 4 of her children in the 1950's when BF was definetely NOT the way to go. My grandma even breastfed her two preemies, and donated milk to the hospitals milk bank!

My mom did cd with the help of a diapers service, using prefolds and vinyl pull on pants. My grandma cd'd with flats, prefolds, and wool pants. She said she had a few vinyl ones but they leaked and gave the babies rashes.

ETA: I was never exposed to breastfeeding growing up. I never saw anyone I know put their child to their breast. Once I learned about breastfeeding, as a young girl ( I'd say about 9 or 10 years old) I never imagined I'd do it any other way with my children. I was 19 when dd was born, and even though I had no support and no idea what I was doing she went straight to my breast ( and camped out there for 9 months!) My mom offered to buy me grandma offered to show me a better latch when I was having trouble one day. I took grandma up on her offer....and now my 3rd child is 12+ mos and still nursing.

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