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Re: overprotective kitty! Any baby and pet stories?

My cat Kiwi tends to stay clear of Delaney. Delaney doesn't understand how to be gentle yet, so she likes to pull Kiwi's fur.

However, my dogs are pretty protective/indulgent of her.

My Oscar likes to sit in front of the bedroom door when I'm nursing her so that no one else can come in the room with us. He doesn't let Delaney crawl on him or anything though.

Boozer has always come running to her when she cries. He also lets her do pretty much anything to him, even down to me putting her on his back and he walks around while she is riding him!

Plus, if she is in a bad mood, all she has to do is the see the dogs and she starts giggling!

here are some pics of us and the dogs!
Joy-Mommy to Delaney & furbabies Kiwi (cat), Angel Oscar (July 1999-3/25/08), Boozer & Harmony(Boxers)
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