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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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i used (and WAS using) the "padded underwear" trainers from gerber w/their plastic pants for my oldest ds and was for my youngest. my youngest was complaining that the pants gave him owies though. also i needed something for at night for my oldest b/c we were using pullups and so he would wait to poo until night (since they are so much like a diaper). so i went on ebay and bought some "early trainers" brand trainers. they are all in one and we love them! when they do have an accident they are still wet so they feel that but it's not all over their clothes either. i have tons if you want to buy one for like 50 cents plus shipping. so you can try them out first. also let me see what the name of the seller was i bought my 2nd load from (i got ripped off the first time lol, the second time i paid $12 for a dozen i think). they have plain white and then white with bugs so nice gender neutral stuff! lmk and i'll find one in good shape for ya. the pul does stain though when they have a really soft or runny bm, it gets a peachy tint to it. i'll find an unstained one for ya though! i don't have very many stained ones. pm me
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