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Re: Wicking/leaking or not enough absorbancy?

How long is he wearing them for?

I would say if, just the thighs are getting wet it's too much pee in the absorbant part, and will cause wicking. Sometimes you can have a SERIOUS wicking problem, and the WHOLE AIO will be wet..almost like a that case you might want to see if your diaper has any build up.

To test for build up.
Take your dipe. Absorbant part and waterproof part. Splash a LITTLE bit of water on it. Does the water absorb fast? Or does it roll off?
Try this on the waterproof part too. The water SHOULD just roll away...NOT absorb AT ALL!..If it absorb just a little..then you might have buildup, and/or you might have to rewaterproof your diapers.

A lot of AIO's aren't great for absorbancy. I don't really use them anymore, unless for mom/g'ma/babysitter!...and even then, I show them how to use a FB!!!
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