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Re: I'd like to host a co-op. How to ?s

Originally Posted by lauraheartsherlittleone
Your shipping could be costly. It would be a good idea to check the shipping before getting *too* involved. To ship to me was going to cost about $60 (almost double what shipping to Jena would have cost but I would not have incurred sales tax).

I made a faux shopping cart with Dharma and put in your zip. Shipping from Dharma to you will run the same as shipping from Dharma to me. The subtotal was $489.80. I put in enough items to get the clothing discount. On 59lbs., it was $44 for shipping. To put it into perspective, we had (I think) 68lbs. of items (shipping to me was calculated to be $59).
Youch! That's pricey isn't it? So what states is it cheaper too? Or is it just weight that makes it that pricey? I guess there would have to sliding co-op fee or something, eh? Oh-well. I do want more stuff from them though, especially now that I'm LOVING all the tye-dying! I can't wait to do more. Just waiting on a couple things in the mail and I'll do a big tye-dying day again
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