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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

I have an 11 month old that still will night nurse but I started her on baby food (the thicker stuff) when she was about 8 months. I had started my period again when she was 8 months so it didn't phase me a bit about using nursing to postpone my cycles. And since it came back, I figured I might as well get some sleep! (We also have deployment induced abstinance going on, so I'm not getting pregnant until July! ) So I started feeding her some thicker foods at dinner time, gave her a bath, then about 30 minutes before bedtime, I'd sit and nurse her. She'll then sleep from about 830pm to around 430am. So if I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I'm pretty certain of at least 5 hours of sleep, if not more. 9 months is a good age to get them started on foods if you haven't tried that yet.

I'm totally with you on the sleep though. My second child would get up like clockwork at 0330 until she was 18 months old. It took my husband going to the field for a week to get me to get her to sleep through the night. Because daddy wasn't there to get up to get her out of her crib and put her in our bed... she'd fuss for about a minute, realize no one is coming to get her and she's lay back down and go back to sleep. This wasn't blood curdling screams either.. it was those baby "ah... uh?.. ahh..." and then you get the "realization ah", hear a little rustling and she was asleep.
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