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Question about herbs....

I have been doing a lot of reading on natural ttc herbs. I think I am set on using this stuff: chasteberry .... Seems to be a lot of people pointing to that direction. I do not chart yet. I might try it again. I just dont have the time or patience for it lol.

Anyways My question is this... do you know of any Herbs that help men?? I know I can reproduce.. heck I have had 4 kids lol. He has 1 (my last ds) in his whole 35 years lol. Sooo we tested him with a home test and it came out negative (meaning low sperm count) we did that twice and got the same results. Thought that it would never happen (that I would never get prego) anyways I obviously did... hence christian being here lol. But I want another one (we want.) and I dont want to wait 3 years like it took with christian. sooo anyways I am blabing...

So do you know of any that increase mens fertility?

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