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Re: Link about vaccinations

I have to say the majority of my information during research came straight from the CDC and VAERS website both provided by our government and are indeed pro-vax. But the cold hard numbers and statistics don't lie. You just have to research them on your own. Especially helpful is the CDC Pink book, just be prepared to download a ton of information and weed thru it.

From CDC VAX Ingredients also CDC Toxic Info regarding ingredients

Physician's Desk Reference Ingredient List

I think the most important thing a parent can do to research this issue is to educate themselves on each childhood disease (learn the history of, the symptoms, treatment, incubation period, reported cases, anything and everything you can) and then do the same for each vaccine. This information will not be biased or made up, I mean a disease is what it is, and if you inform yourself about it you will realize that all are either not scary, and other's that may be more of a big deal like polio, you have a slim to none chance of contracting it. Just wanted to say that even the CDC admits that the chance of death and reaction to a vaccine is much greater than the chance of catching one of the diseases they are intended to prevent.

Here's a couple websites:

and the that was mentioned above has some really good information as well, I liked how it breaks down each disease and vax, which like I said is a great way to start or continue research. Basically I studied each and every vax and disease like I was going to have a big exam, only the final test is my children's health. Good luck to anyone who is on this journey, it's a long one but one of the most important things you can do as a responsible parent. Be informed before you do anything in regards to your child.
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