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Re: Anyone seen the new vaccine guideline?

My question would be: with over 100 (yes, 100) forms of HPV, which of these would be prevented by the vax? There is just no way in heck all of them could be.

By adulthood, 60% of U.S. citizens have been exposed to *at least one of* these forms. But 30% of adult females do NOT have cervical cancer and 30% of males do not have urinary tract/reproductive tract cancer. Which forms of HPV are related to cancer? Of these, which are covered by the vaccination?

When you figure all this in, there is NO WAY IN HECK that one vaccine is going to prevent the spread of HPV, and certainly not the development of cancer.

HPV can be warts, or not warts; cold sores, or not cold sores; live throughout the body or mostly in one small area; active or dormant. This one vaccine covers all those forms?

Doubt it.........

And calling it "the cancer virus" is NUTS. That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. That's a leap if I've ever heard one. Repeated bronchitis can eventually lead, over the years, to emphysema. Should drug manufacturers start marketing bronchitis medication as "emphysema preventers"?

The whole thing is so ridiculous.
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