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Re: I need to talk to a site mod?

Okay - I am not sure that I really want to know this answer, but I have to ask. To the other momma's that did ship her stuff - what name did she ask you to ship to? As in, was the name that you addressed your trade to different than Ashley as she says her name is here? Also, does it seem strange to anyone else that she introduced herself as Ashley with an e, but her "dh" in the first post typed Ashly? I understand typos and all, but usually even my dh doesn't type my name wrong...

Maybe I am just getting paranoid. All along I have been assuming that maybe something went wrong with her pregnancy, but now that I see that she has been making trades with others and PMing them, I am really suspicious. I have been asking her questions about my shipment since November 9th and technically it should have arrived around November 13th give or take a few. My last PM reply from her was the 9th and I see many others posting that their transactions started long after that.
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