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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Maybe we should add if we have a front loader or top loader washer and if we have soft/hard water. That really makes a difference in wash routines too. And the types of diapers we use.

What soap do you use? Purex F & C and Calgon water softener

Do you add anything extra? If so, what? I spray a 50/50 mix of bac out and water on the inserts and diapers before they go in the pail. Sometimes (usually once a week) I add a scoop of oxy clean to the cold quick wash

How many dipes do you wash at a time? Anywhere from 12-30, depends on if I go 2 or 3 days between

I have hard water and a front loading washer. I use mostly pockets, a few aios and a couple fitted for night time.

Wash Routine
1. Quick cold wash
2. Heavy Hot wash with between 1/4 and 1/2 cap (depends on the # of dipes) full of Purex F & C and a cap full of Calgon water softener / extra rinse
3. Another Heavy Hot Wash with no detergent / extra rinse
4. Dry on med heat until the inserts are dry, then usually let the fitteds air dry the rest of the way
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