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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

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What soap do you use? Currently: Planet, have used: Tide, Purex F&C
Do you add anything extra? Yes If so, what? I add bac-out to a cold soak. Plus I use a diaper sprayer on poopy dipes at time of change.
How many dipes do you wash at a time? about 2 days worth, 18 dipes plus wipes (or so) We use mostly fitteds w/ wool, pockets for overnight and an occasional Thirstie pul cover.

1. Rinse Cold
2. Cold Soak w/ bac-out for 20 min-overnight
3. Hot wash w/ 1 TBSP of detergent
4. Cold rinse
5. (optional) 2nd Cold Rinse if I added too much soap
6. Dry everything on low for about 90 minutes. (I try to line dry in the summer)

ETA: I will sticky this when we have a couple more responses.
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