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Re: Super low BP

Normal for my bp is usually around 90/50; my MW when I was pregnant with Nathan said that if mine WAS 120/80, it's probably because I was having a heart attack! LOL

I keep those little boxes of raisins in the van and they seem to help. I ate a lot of cheese strings, eggs and peanut butter, and I drank a ton of those YOP yogurt drinks. Not all at the same time, mind you!

It's worse when I'm standing or walking for awhile - grocery store, dishes, walking, that sorta thing. I'll grab a yop and drink it while getting groceries. Better to pay for an empty drink container than wake up on the floor -- and I DID pass out in the grocery store when I was pregnant with Evan; frig, I passed out all over the place with him! lol Dropped like a stone in the checkout line. I knew it was going to happen too - felt woozy, then the little dancing lights (kwim?) came, then it started getting all "echoey", I leaned on the conveyer belt and woke up on the floor with all these people around me going "are you diabetic?" "do you need an ambulance?". I was like, Geez, I'm pregnant, give me some space! lol Luckily a friend of mine was there and her husband drove me home in MY car, and she drove theirs...

Brandon's big thing for months (he was 3 at the time) was to tell everyone that Mommy fell at the Wooper-Store (Superstore - big grocery chain in Canada).
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