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Re: Getting directed to a "spam killer" site?

Originally Posted by nadjarea View Post
Wow, Lee, that was pretty harsh.

Why have the ads then if they don't make you any money? Everyone hates them, how many moms really click the linky to these, probably not very many.

So tell us, since it's so important to stand up for the ads to ban people, why keep them if they don't make you any money?

Is it for the good of the moms, who HATE them?
Originally Posted by rachellepowell View Post
So what you are telling me is that it's NOT okay to question or already shady ethics, but it is perfectly fine for mama's on here to be hatefull and rude to the other mama's here? It is okay for WAHMS here (please mama's, understand this is not all, but a just a few... and you know who you are...) to beat down mama's just trying to start out with working at home to the point that they quit before they even get started? It's okay to post a thread showing off your work for others to say how horrible it is and yet... one member questions you and BAM, they are banned? I just don't understand!
This isn't the first issues the admin team has had with this mama.

It's been stated many times but I will reiterate, DS requires a MONSTROUS server to run it, that costs money. DS requires people to keep it running(those techies that take care of site crashes, upgrades, etc....) They don't work for free, would you?? When you have a site with THOUSANDS of active members it takes money to run it, that money has to come from somewhere they are trying to keep the site FREE to come to. Seriously, would you go to a pot luck dinner and eat for FREE then complain about everything there? IMO that is what this seems like here.

There is a post at the top of this forum with instructions on what to do in the event of a problem. I made a new updated one last night, but there has been one just like it for over 6 months that tells you who to PM in the case of a problem. Most of the posts in this forum are just to try and stir up Drama(and I'm not referring to all posts in this forum but a lot of them are)
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