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Re: Getting directed to a "spam killer" site?

There are numerous ways to avoid the ads on the site. Many suggestions have been given time, and time, and time, and time, and time again.

As I've stated before, this site allows many the opportunity to buy, trade, and sell their items. As with any site and any project, problems are bound to occur. We work long hours on the site and pride ourselves in providing a community for WAHM and Cloth Diapering families to meet and interact. We also provide the opportunity to make money.

With that said, no one is trying to run this like a dictatorship - and is not a democracy either. The administrators and mods have a responsibility to the site owner AND to the members. But, in the event that a member flies off the handle (not just once, but numerous times) and breaks rules on the board, then they have to go. If they are not willing to at least respect those who are providing them a service - and for free - then there is no need for them to be here. Sounds harsh? Yeah, you ought to read some of the PMs and Emails I get.

So, let's keep this civil and orderly. If you see inappropriate ads, tell us. We'll hunt them down and get rid of them. If you are concerned for the possibility of getting a virus on your computer, don't surf the web. Just know that we are not intentionally infecting your stuff!
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