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Re: Getting directed to a "spam killer" site?

Originally Posted by nadjarea View Post
Wow, Lee, that was pretty harsh.

Why have the ads then if they don't make you any money? Everyone hates them, how many moms really click the linky to these, probably not very many.

So tell us, since it's so important to stand up for the ads to ban people, why keep them if they don't make you any money?

Is it for the good of the moms, who HATE them?
he did not say that they don't make him any money, but he did say that they don't make him a TON of money. That is a big difference. He is not running this out of the goodness of his heart. He has a family too.

As for the person banned...i will bet that there were PM's and email from her as well as the post and her siggy. he has every right to do what he did.
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