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Re: Anyone seen the new vaccine guideline?

I'm not in favor of making kids get vax's for STD's - I much prefer to teach my children the truth about sex, the risks thereof, and God's plan for sex to be between a husband and wife.

However, as far as the age thing, I think if you think kids aren't having sex at REALLY young ages, you are kidding yourself. When my husband was doing his ob/gyn rotation during med school he was shocked at how many little girls he had as patients who were sexually active. It's standard procedure to ask anyone 12 or older whether they are sexually active to know whether they need to be tested for STD's or pregnancy.

I looked up some stats. In 1995, 4% of males and 3% of females had had sex BEFORE AGE 13! It's even higher for blacks - 14% of black males and 13% of black females under age 13 were sexually active. 50% of kids under age 17 had had sex. By age 19, 83% of males and 70% of females had. As someone who was 22 and married before I had sex, this blows me away.

The most recent data I found was in 2004, 6% of females and 8% of males under age 14 had had sex. That's a LOT of - what I considder - little kids. So age 10 for the vax doesn't seem so off to me, though I'm against making it required.

And, as an aside, the HPV vax does target those strains responsible for a majority of cervical cancers.
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