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Re: Birth plans

It is really important to go over the birth plan in advance with the doctor or midwife who will be delivering the baby. This ensures that your expectations are realistic and that she knows what is most important to you about the birth. My doc was great about going over it with me. I knew I would probably have to deliver in the OR (twins--possible emergency cs), but it was really important to me that I not have to deliver on the operating table unless absolutely necessary. My OB said she was comfortable with me being moved to the table only in the case of an emergency. When the day came, my LD nurse saw that on the birth plan, and asked all sorts of hosptal people, who all said I had to deliver on the table. I was near tears! But, when they went to move me to the table, my OB, said no, she was competent to make that decision. If I hadn't discussed it in advance, I'm sure I would have terrible memories of delivering flat on my back on a hard metal table! If you pm me your email, I can email the Word document with my plan. It's on my other computer so it might be later tonight or tomorrow though.
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