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Occasional manual pump and feeding sugg.?

I am wanting to get a manual pump to have on hand just in case I ever had to go somewhere and leave DS with DH or someone else for longer than an hour or so or if I got held up somewhere and DH was stuck with a crying hungry baby.

Right now DS is EBF using the boob straw (aka nipple shield ) and I don't know whether introducing another fake nipple (aka bottle) is a great idea. I have heard of people using the feeding syringes, tiny med cups etc.

I am just wondering which pump is reasonable good? The only one they have at the store here is a Medela one. I don't even know the model. I have a pretty heavy let down, but don't want to depend on just squeezing out milk by hand.


Which method of feeding should I use? Bottle? I just read a thread on some bottle recommendations, so I am open to suggestions.

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