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MIL help

so my MIL is anti-breastfeeding (not sure why). she is coming up here for Christmas (my FIL too but he doesn't care either way) to see the new baby and celebrate Christmas with us. Anyway she's made some comments in the past about why on earth I would want to breastfeed instead of bottle feeding (which she claims is easier because well everyone can help you). I have told her that it's our decision that DH and I have made the decision after lots of research. So she dropped it but then she brought it up again this past weekend by saying something like oh well at least I'll be able to do a bottle for you at night (she doesn't realize I'm not going to start pumping a whole lot until after they leave and I'm not risking nipple confusion). On top of all of this she believes that she will be holding the baby as much as she wants and that I will be appreciating her interference.

I really don't want to fight with my MIL while she's up here (thankfully she's not staying here at night really unless we need her too) because we get along really well but I just don't know what to do if she tries to exert her "power" while she's here. HELP!!
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