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Re: Is this normal baby behavior?

Yeap I think it is normal. MY DD stopped eating spoonfed stuff about that age as well. I can't even get her to eat a few bites from a spoon anymore. She will cuddle some, but not much, she won't even lay down with me. The only time I get loves from her is when she want to, I mean not on demand, strictly when she decides to give it out. Usually at bedtime she will lay her head on my shoulder for a second before I put her to bed, that is it. But she was also an independent sleeper from the day I brought her home from the hospital. I tried co sleeping with her and she fussed and woke more often than when she was in her own bed. So I definately think it is all just personality. My DD is a very happy smiliey baby, just wants to do things her own way. I am sure your DD is the same.
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